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Thank you, Tyler had a blast and learned lots, he will be back next year. 

Thank you Lou for making it happen! Mitchell had a great week! We hope you do return next year !

Thanks for the e-mail! We also really enjoyed the experience of attending your hockey camp and Iain says he would like to return next year! You and the coaching staff did a great job of driving home a consistent message of hard work combined with having fun! As a former player and minor hockey coach I noticed you gave Iain confidence on what he does well and also showed him how to work on his weaker points with an encouraging approach,(all the coaches!) Sawyer also did a very good job of bridging the age gap with the younger kids. The six to one ratio in teaching was great! 

I 'll pass on the good word of your hockey camp and hope to see you next year!

The camp was fantastic - I was a little worried when I first saw the schedule but after the changes you made (thank you so much, it made all the difference) it all worked out and Lucca loved every minute of it.  Will be signing up again next year for sure and will work on getting a few more kids from Port Alice signed up too.   

Adult Camp:  It's the highlight of my summer!  Can't wait for next year!

Thank you as well. Our son did the Clayton Stoner as well, and yours was more organized, more supervised when off ice, and more skill development.

Good job! Looking forward to next year! 

Hi Lou.   A big “thanks” to you and your team.  I think you are the only one that offers an adult type camp around.  I know I really appreciate it.  I look forward to next year.  

I meant to write a ‘thank-you’ to you and your Team earlier so thanks for reminding me.  

You can expect to see me in upcoming years!  I didn’t start playing hockey until I was in my 30’s so all of the basic drills that are done in minor hockey were new to me.  Since your camp, I have a better understanding of the roles of the forwards (I have always played defense) so I have become confident enough to play forward in my last few games.  Scoring goals is a lot of fun!!  

Thanks again, I look forward to next year’s camp.

Thank you for checking into that for me.  Jamie and Elly both really enjoyed the week and are ready for the hockey season.  You did a wonderful job with the camp.

Thank you again!

 Thanks for the photo! So glad that I participated in the camp!  I learned a lot.  

 Thanks again for providing my kids the opportunity to participate in your camp. They both enjoyed it lots!!!  

Just wanted to say thank you for the camp in Port McNeill, my son Jake said he learned a lot and enjoyed himself.  We are very lucky to have you come to the North Island and have our children receive this fantastic experience so close to home.  

Thanks again for the camp and I hope the rest of your summer vacation is restful!


I heard it was a good camp in advance, and it remains so. 

See you at the rinks!


Hi Lou:

Thanks for a lot of fun at camp.  I also learnt a lot.  It will help me in the coming weeks to be a better player.  Playing with the big boys at your camp will help me when I start rep tryouts with my own age group and second year Atoms.  I’ll let you know how I do.  

I have a 3 on 3 game this Thursday and am registered in an elite camp Thurs/Fri this week and the following 2 weeks.

 I hope to come to your camp again next year.  I’ll keep in touch.  

We as a family want to thank you so much for a FANTASTIC week of hockey camp.  We were all so pleased with what the week looked like and we just wanted to thank you and all your staff for a great week.  You had mentioned that you will be taking a look at the agenda for next year and possibly making a few changes.  May i just add a thought or two that may benefit the program? 
You had mentioned to possibly start a half hour later, I was also thinking that maybe a few more breaks throughout the day.  Maybe a freezie or two to keep them going ( I wouldn't mind donating a box of them for the week) just some thoughts.  We do plan on attending next year, so if we don't see you through the hockey season, thank you again...

A belated thank you to you and your coaching staff for a fabulous week of hockey for Matthew (and the other campers!) this past week.  Matthew had fun in your camp … and we think he also improved in many ways.  The camp was very well run and enjoyable for the kids.

 Thank you once again,  

Ashley has asked me to let you know when she is swimming this weekend. I just got the heat sheet tonight. 

Thanks again for a wonderful camp and we will definitely plan better next year!!

Lou    I just wanted to thank you for this years camp in Rupert on behalf of myself and my Grandson, Arlen DesChamp.  Your camp was the third that Arlen attended and he enjoyed it and was challenged playing with the 10 and up players.  He certainly was able to improve playing with the older players. Arlen improved overall in skating, stick handling and playing and should enjoy his second year in Atoms in Rupert. 
I talked to other parents, whose children attended other camps/schools this year and they had good comments about the Rupert camp.

Looking forward to next year.

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